Rammelbude #1 Server
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Rammelbude Server #1



* If you recognize a cheater, please post his name in the Platoon feed and we will have a closer look at the stats of that player and afterwards we will decide about a ban.

* For a removal of a BAN please talk to the admin that actually banned you.
If you dont know which admin banned you, please join our platoon and write a post in the platoon feed --> Asking another admin to remove your ban will not work.

* Our admins are allowed to decide about the action against a player - they do NOT follow static rules. So, if an admin decides to ban you for example, there might be no warning in form of a kill or a kick.

* Please respect a decision made by an admin (e.g. a teamswitch) he surely has a good reason for it. There is no need to insult the admin. By the way: switching back to your old team will also not solve the problem, because you will get switched back again.

* If an admin has the feeling that you try to offend him constantly, even if you don´t break a specific rule, the admin is still free to remove you from the server. In your own interest: please, don´t try to push it to the limit - that might end up pretty bad for you.

* One last good advice: quickly leaving the server to avoid a ban will not help at all.

* Our simple rules are:

- DON´T BASERAPE - we might even ban you without a warning if you do.
- PILOT PICKS THE GUNNER - leave the heli if the pilot asks you to - do not start an argument about it
- DON´T SABOTAGE your team - do NOT shoot friendly vehicles - do NOT rpg the heli
- DON´T RAM - if you accidently did ram someone, then say "sorry" like you mean it
- DON´T GLITCH - bug using and stuff like that is strictly forbidden
- DON´T OFFEND OTHER PEOPLE - no matter if they are admins or not - we respect all of our players
- DON´T PRETEND TO BE AN ADMIN - if you aren´t one of them - this will end up bad if you get caught in the act

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