Doomsday Knocker's
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Platoon Presentation

Anonymuz-The Fall Of Earth. This song will be played when we joining ours or any other server so people can now they about to get Absolutely Murdered!

CW: [ON]
SERVER: [ON] - UK & US Server

Blood Clans:

[FOB]Fear Our Brotherhood
[DnA]Angels and Demons
[iFair]Fair Players
[XK]Xtreme Killers

We are fighters for the free world and fighting against the getting low community of BF3!

We do not forget, We do not forgive. Expect us! We Are Legion!

A King must remind Fools why he wears that Crown!

We are super serious and will be doing clan battles when we have a team set up!

Sniping Legend:Carlos Hathcock

You've got to speak minimal English, or at least understand it...

Infantry Leader:sen-c79
Ground Vehicle Leader:sossirb
Air Squad Leader:o_Jxck_o
Battle Coordinator:sen-c79

TxA V DDKN (Metro, Caspian, Bazaar) [On Hold]

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