Air LeGenDs #3
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Here are the Rules that Everyone Must Know
1. Rules for Viper and Havoc:
1a. Max time limit for hovering is 10 sec
2b. Must be in the range of any flag of up to 300m
3c. No Red Zone (Except if your team lost ALL Flags)
2. No Glitching or Hacking - all players are randomly checked by Admins.
3. No Ramming.
4. No Baserape! - Jet and helicopter can kill a bailer in main base before he boards Jet or Heli again!
5. No Basecamp with Vehicles. - If someone is base camping, you are allowed to Baserape only him!
6. No Stealing - Jets / Heli / AA - it will destroy the balance of teams (and Admin will kill you).
7. No Stealing while your team mate is repairing his vehicle. You will be killed by admin
8. Pilots choose Their Gunner - please respect that and give them priority. - Our server is fast spawn so you can take heli after its destroyed!
9. Please don't be an asshole with Jet and Helicopter, if there are less than 30 players on server and if people Leave because of you, you will get kicked.
10. No Air Peace! - Air peace destroys balance.
11. No Smurf / Suspect Accounts (Instant Ban). We want to keep our server clean.
12. NO flaming or spamming in ALL and TEAM chat including excessive use of other language than English.
13. NO extreme and excessive insulting, any attacks on religion/race/nationality or family will be punished.
14. Admin can move ranked players for server balance.
15. Admins must respect all players. If any of the admins abuse their admin rights on you/any player report him immediately to Head Admin(s) on Discord or Platoon.
To report any rule-breakers join our

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