Devil Dogs
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[DD] The original Devil Dogs gaming community from pre-Source
Day of Defeat, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, and Battlefield Bad Company 2.

All of our members are over the age of 21 and many have been playing
first person shooters together for over a decade.

If you are not a tag wearing member
please apply for recruitment via our "Open Facebook Group"
a link is located on our website.

Please join us on our 64 player Battlefield 3 server and bookmark us!

We pride ourselves on regular visitors, camaraderie, and team squad based game play!

If you wish to submit an application for [DD] please visit our website for guidelines, and post in our "Open group" on Facebook, or here on gamers portal!

In addition to our website we have two Facebook groups. One for Member Only communication
and one for the General Public, potential recruits, and friends. Please feel free to join us for Battlefield 3
information, discussion, tips and tweaks.

We are now accepting applications for the [DD] tag and look forward to seeing you on the server!


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