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Respect everyone
Trust your team and be trustworthy
Integrity in all we do

This is required viewing: http://www.ign.com/videos/2011/10/28/tips-on-how-to-play-battlefield-3

Five Tips For Mastering Battlefield 3
1. Know your load-out: Make sure that you know what every accessory to your weapon is, as well as your
specializations, secondary weapons and gadgets.

2. Situational awareness: Know what's going on around you all the time. If you see skull-and-crossbones', that's
where your team-mates have died. It's also a rough guide to where the enemy are. Keep an eye on the mini-map
icons as well.

3. Know your play-style: Don't be afraid to try something new, but make sure you match your weapon and load out
to how you play.

4. Help your team win: Talk to your squad. They're there for a reason, and the more you communicate with them
and work as a functioning unit, the more chance that your team will win. Don't forget objectives.

5. Have fun: Games are about entertainment, and if you're stressed out from the game, then stop for a while.

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