First Recon
Тэг: [1Rec] Фанаты: 23 Создано: 02.11.2011

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First Recon or 1Rec is recruiting SEA players! PC only
Needs to be friendly, helpful, enjoy company of other players, a good sense of teamwork and listen to advice given by more advanced players.
Also if you are recruited into the platoon, please wear your clan tag proudly (1Rec)
All team descriptions have been moved to the mumble server, please click on the yellow C on the top right hand side of the channel to see the squads :)

If you think you fit one or more of these critically needed areas please contact me by adding me as a friend or applying at the platoon. []

Mumble server:
Download Mumble from:

Port: 64739
Username: your in-game name
Password: ssd1strec (You will be prompted when you connect)

Platoon server:

if prompted for password, check mumble comment.

We'll be having platoon training at least once a week if not more if there are enough people, don't worry, its not going to be serious training, just so we can communicate and aim better if we can help it :)

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