222nd Army Battalion
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Welcome to the 222nd Army battalion, B-company. This is where the Army rakes together all the insubordinates,
hellraisers and troublemakers that won’t fit in any other unit. When the Rangers and Deltas are too expensive to waste, these guys are the first ones in.

They’re called “Bad Company”; a mismatched bunch of rejects
selected to serve their country as cannon fodder. This isn’t the kind of outfit a lot of soldiers would join voluntarily.
Getting transferred to “the B” is a punishment and a way for the generals
to put all their rotten eggs in one basket.

No one starts out in Bad Company. But for some, this is where they end up.

Note this is a point of contact with the blog- most of our clan is on the website with our own private chatrooms
and forums and a bunch of other stuff therefore if you are not a member of 222
please feel free to post on here anyway including other clans.
If you say something that is offensive or draws the ire of EA we will remove it but otherwise .................sup?

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