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Founder: MachidaCrane
The HitSquad is currently recruiting elite soilders, which requirements are more strict.
Contact either founders, or leaders.
"United we stand, divided we fall."
Membership requirements: Communication, Team-Oriented philosophies,
Thick skin, cuz we love to have fun and bust each others
Any player who is interested in playing competitively,
The HitSquad a new brother platoon, stricky for those who are interested in more competitive requirement. Our goal is to create great ,balanced and aggressive squads to strategically operate missions for tournament prizes & $$$. More information of THS soon!.
Also, I recommend searching for clans that
will help network great players across the world.
Leaders must wear the clan tag, IWaR, for others we recommend wearing the iWaR tag,but if you dont want to for whatever bigs.
Communication must be our top goal.

Post on the main page, or just jump in an active xbox live party if your ready for glory.

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