BF3 Battlelog (app)
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Ever wondered what your gaming sessions would look like if you had access to all the information you need right there in-front of you, without the need to alt-tab nor move from that comfortable couch of yours? Here's the solution!

BF3 Battlelog is your most trusted companion on the Battlefield regardless of the platform you're playing on, or how many people you have in your party. You can interact with the community, view your stats & unlocks, manage platoons, read the forums and much much more. Most people have their phones next to them while playing, making this the ultimate app for you gamers out there - you won't need to have your laptop switched on as a console player, just for the sake of Battlelog. You don't need to alt-tab the game to look up your current unlocks, and miss important in-game opportunities. Just open the app, check what you need and play your best rounds ever.

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