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FIDO (Forget It Drive On)

Clan Tag : FIDO
Founded : May 21st 2012
Founder : sktwentythree
Leader : trussy_25, Antman007a, Lowebro, uhavnoid, Boydey00 & ACTwixy
Stats :

[ Platoon Summary ]

FIDO was built to allow a bunch of PSN friends to have fun with each other and to encourage others to join in. We are a social clan and that's as serious as it gets. If you want clan battles, don't ask, as we don't do them.

Our members play all modes and maps. The more members you add to your PSN the more options you'll have. If you would like to join, feel free to apply.

[ Platoon Membership Requirements ]

- Change your clan tag to "FIDO" on battlelog before applying to join. It must be in caps.
- Add "sktwenythree" on Battlelog & PSN, as members often receive messages with platoon updates.
- You can't apply if you were a previous member.
- Invites from leaders to past members is possible with approval from the clan founder.
- Please "fan" the platoon when you join.

[ Platoon Rules ]

- Keep your clan tag as "FIDO". If you change it, you will be kicked from the platoon. You can be a member of as many other platoons as you like, but if you want to be a FIDO, you have to show it by running the clan tags with pride.

[ Platoon Conclusion ]

Play as little or as much as you want with other members. As a social clan, we play when we can. You won't get kicked for being inactive. Most of us have mics, squad up, use different squad perks and specialise in many different areas of gameplay. The only thing stopping yourself from having all the members on your PSN as options to play with is whether or not you add people. Older members won't look you up to add you, but there's nothing stopping you from adding whoever you want so you can get to know the regulars. Our members don't bite and there's no point in joining a clan unless you want more people to play with.

As the platoon name suggests, we tend to forget about things and move on to the next thing at hand. You may not like us, but we don't care to worry about what you think. If one of our members causes you issues, take it up with them. There's no hand holding here and people can do as they please, so don't contact our leaders here complaining about a FIDO member. It's a computer game...

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