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BEAST mode is a competitive community that embodies Teamwork, Communication, Skill, and Chemistry that strives for excellence . We are a dynamic group from many nationality with unparalleled talents that will make BEAST mode a top tier team. With the structure in place everything is simple. There are not ranks, awards, websites, meetings, practices, stupid rules, etc. Through this simplicity things are much easier, laid back and fun, but with stringent and rigorous player evaluation to become a member we dominate the battlefield with high caliber players in all positions of the game that make us very efficient.

1.Be a TRUE beast
2.Speak English or enough for all to understand
3.Be a team player
4.Be Dedicated and Committed
5.Have a Mic
6.Able to follow commands
7.Able to listen
8.Able to do the unspeakable

Stat Requirments? Refer to #1.

If you are interested in joining please add me on PS3 (KatahKLIZmik) and apply to the team for reviewal. Dont be sad if you do not make the team.

We are looking for 4v4 SQ, 8v8, 12v12 Conquest scrimmages EST time zone. Contact KatahKLIZmik on PS3 to discuss potential matches.


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