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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL CYA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

CYA is currently recruiting for BF4, if you join now you can still play with the current members on BF3, but there will be no scrims or comp matches until BF4.

CYA is made up of some of the members and leaders from the old clan ~IMBALANCED~. Which was very successful on both PS3 and XBOX360. The clan was disbanded on both platforms a year and a half ago. CYA will be bigger and better than ~IMBALANCED~. If you are Looking for a team that has chill, friendly members and wins games then you have found it.

We will have a US and an AU division. Both teams will be very competitive and have high standards.

> This clan will have no drama and no bullshit! We play for the fun of it and we will always walk away with the win!

> Since the start we always wanted to make a place where different people from around the world can
gather, meet with each other, enjoy the game in a team format, and have a strong positive impact
on the gaming community as a respected group.
When you're apart of us you're apart of a group, a group who believes in COMMUNITY, TEAMWORK, LOYALTY, and RESPECT. Be respectful in the community, communicate as a team, be loyal to this clan, and respect yourself and others.

> Because of our time zone differences we will be notifying you personally for "pub nights", "practices", "comp", and "scrims".

> This clan has a lot of leadership and comp experience in it. So we can easily promise you that this will be a very successful, driven, and goal oriented clan. Important posts will be coming out soon, and a new platoon presentation. So please remain active and patient. In the end alot of us have wanted a platoon to call home, something stable, something unlike everything else. And a place where the best gamers around the world can come to place their hats. We have been waiting for you!

So what are you waiting for?



- Functioning Microphone
- Wear [CYA] clan tag at all times
- Score Per Minute: 400
- SKILL: 300 (Can be negotiated)
- Kill/Death Ratio: 1.2


1. Make clan tag as [CYA], To change go to Profile -> Edit Profile (Very important!)

2. Become a fan of CYA

3. Stay active on Battlelog & Xbox (If you know you are going to become inactive, inform a leader!)

4. Do not disrespect any members of CYA or disrespect the platoon in general.


and don't forget to like us on Facebook!


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