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This is the Pacific branch of RnR, still an Elite RnR platoon just for people in the Pacific region. There is also a UK RnR, the origional US RnR and a Recruiting RnR. The Recruiting RnR or RnRr is where everybody must sign up to join the clan and go though a recruiting process working their way up into a Elite RnR platoon, which at that time an _R_and_R_ account must be made for you, which should be considered an honor not a burden. All the info about RnR is on the main platoon's wall, this platoon was just created to group together people in the Pacific time zone so we can play together in our own time. Any questions message Rocky_R_and_R_ or Rambo_R_and_R_.

I also rap so check out my songs and spread the love-RnR

_R_and_R_ Incorporated, yea we sophisticated, please don't hate it!

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