Really Old Dudes
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Stay off our lawns, ya little bastards!

We're more experienced and crankier than you.

RoD is a clan founded on one premise, being Ancient. We are a group of close-minded individuals who enjoy warm blankets, soft food, and naps. Being young sucks, and we don't take kindly to it.

We have members from all over the world, but we're just trying to keep the jabbering gooks off our lawns.

If you're interested in joining RoD and meet the requirements, fan us and apply, we'll get to you in a tryout as soon as we can remember where we are and if we ate our fiber.

Currently Recruiting


Minimum age of 40.
Limited mobility.

1,850+ SPM.
7.5 kd
Must be a member of AARP.

We will pay you in soup and best yet, free and EXCLUSIVE access to Matlock.

Jet Pilots
None - back in our day, we flew planes with propellers...and we LIKED it that way!

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