The Wolf Pack
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The Wolf Pack's Rules/Provisions

-We are a competitive platoon, so stat count
-All classes are acceptable, even though variety cant hurt
-Premium or all map packs is necessary
-Any age is acceptable, im 13 myself
-At least be a colonel when you apply for this platoon unless your stats are above average
-If anyone owns a server please notify me so we can get practices started

- a good chopper pilot
-2 good scout recons to spot and take down soldiers anywhere on the map
-Someone who enjoys playing the support role and giving ammo at any given time


Alpha Squad
Leader- SkittishStream0
Member 1- BLACKHAWK2399
Member 2- J3o3n
Member 3- Mitchell1000

Bravo Squad:
Leader- PacoTheNoob
Member 1- xXMLGSKILLXx
Member 2-
Member 3- peterkmoss

Charlie Squad:
Leader- xXfi5hyXx
Member 1-
Member 2- Phantomlicht
Member 3-


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