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United we stand divided they will fall!
We currently are running our own server, which will be running for a while yet to come. We are currently seeking and actively recruiting new unique individuals who are good players, fair players to join our Clan.
We only ask that you not cheat or use other cheating methods to win, we only want you to use your skill, because at the end of the day only a skilled player who fights hard can hold his head high win or lose.
If you have the talent and the drive and the skill then you deserve to be here, you deserve to play with others who are willing to play hard with the same drive and skill, you deserve to be an ICE member!!

ICE - Imperial Command Element - Clan Rules.
1. Absolutely no cheating this includes: Aimbot usage/Hacks/Lag Switches/Modded Controllers/Boosting, and all other related cheating methods.
2. Only ICE members reserve the right to become Leaders and Server Admins, this means you have to be I dentified as ICE with your clan tags, for no less than two months. Any Clan members that remove the ICE clan tags, will be removed as either a leader or an admin in the server. They can still be a regular member of the clan.
3. All members when playing with other members will play as a team, AND USE THEIR MICS, for spotting, troop movement and vehivle movement. We will not tolerate members that will not work as a team for their own K/D stats, and if we get reports of this behavior, you will recieve a warning, Two warnings will result in disciplinary action, i.e. removal of leadership status or admin priveledges, three warnings will result in the removal from the clan emmediately.
4. The three strike rule is in effect for "ALL" clan members as forementioned in rule 3, for any infractions of said rules, this will be strictly enforced by the leadership.
5. Inactivity - Clan members who are inactive for 2 months, will recieve a message from the clan leadership, no suspension though will be assed if the member replies to the message with a explanation of the inactivity. If the member does not respond to three (3) messages from the leadership of ICE, they will be removed from the clan emmediately. This can be only repealed by the founder of the clan in a meeting setup at the members request with me (ncolello777), at which during the meeting a decision will be made by me to reverse the members dismissal from the clan roster.
6. Only ICE leadership can either reject or accept clan enrollment by a potential member into ICE by regular ICE members, AT NO TIME will regular members accept clan enrollement WITHOUT the acceptance from the leadership and the founder.
ICER- Designated recruitment office for ICE - The recruitment office is assigned to this post to recruit potential members into ICE, the designated recruitment officer they do not need approval from the leadership for admittance to the clan, but any leader can veto the admittance to the clan. ICER designation also recieves admin status in the ICE server.
ICER rules of admittance:
A. they must have a mic
B. they must be a team player
C. they must have at least a 2 star weapon rating.
D. they should be at least seargant rank, cololnel would be preferable.
E. they must have a battlelog account.
F. they should play at least 5 games of BF3 with the recruitment officer to assess their capabilities.
G. After recruitment the new member must be aware of the rules of the clan, this is the responsibility of the recruitment officer (ICER)
H. The recruitment officer MUST report all recruitments to the founder and the leadership (ICEC).
I. It is the recruitment officers duty that all new recruitments are properly vetted for induction into the clan.

7. Mics are essential for clan membership and recruitment of new members, we do understand that sometimes mics will break and or become unusable, for this reason we wil make an exception to the rule, but please note we will expect that any member who's mic does break and or becomes unusable, that they replace that mic in a reasonable amount of time.
8. Clan members in dispute with each other or the leadership - If any clan member that has a dispute with either another clan member or a member of the leadership will be called to a meeting with the founder (ncolello777) and one other clan leader (to which the member is not in dispute with), and the member that have a dispute with, to resolve the dispute.
9. If ANY clan member or leader is caught making up false allegations towards another clan member for reasons of removing that person from the clan to further a personal Agenda, WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE CLAN!! (upon review ) THIS IS NOT TOLERATED!!
10. All removals from the clan and or membership exceptance to the clan is subject to a review by the clan leadership and founder, at least two leadership members must ok either the acceptance or removal, keep in mind the founder can veto any removal or exceptance.
11. All members must have every other member as a friend on PSN.
12. Clan Battles - Members will be assigned their posts in a clan battle that reflects their personal specializations, i.e. tanks posts, regiment posts, sniper duty, helicopter/plane duty. The posting will be done by the clan leadership, all members that are picked for the clan battle WILL REPORT to their posts in the clan battle and not deviate from that post unless directed by command (ICEC) to do so.
13. Clan leadership - To become a clan leader, you must:
A. Be at least a level 30 Colonel.
B. Must have had the ICE clan tags for at least 4 months.
C. Must have one weapon with at least a 5 star rating.
D. Must play with other clan members.
E. Must not have any instances of clan inactivity for 2 months.
F. Must have one area of specialization (i.e. sniper, medic, support, engineer) with at least a 5 star rating.
G. Must have a proven track record for team player, and support of other clan members in battle.
H. Clan leaders will be Identified by the clan tags ICEC, which stands for ICE Command. All regular members will sport the ICE tags.
All leadership considerations will be discussed by the present leadership and founder for either acceptance or rejection, the rules for leadership acceptance is subject to change.

**Please note that these rules my be changed or added to and that ICE clan members must be aware of said rules and abide by them****


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