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Platoon Introduction:

Welcome to [HoVe], we are an 16+ platoon, created with the main goal of bringing all battlefield veterans together. We also incorporate core values of respect, dignity, and pride, which allow to act and demonstrate the values created by real-life Special Forces. [HoVe] is more than just a platoon, we are a community of friends. We strive to do our best in games but also like to have fun doing so, so we don't overdo the seriousness of the game and its flaws. We have played competitively in the past but due to the nature of the current state of the game we plan to play casually as a group. As always when playing, try to keep a level head and avoid raging even with all the flaws of the game.We are still recruiting. If you are genuinely interested in joining us, and you think you meet the requirements for our platoon, then contact platoon founder : Dawolam.


-You must have atleast Colonel Service Star 90.
-16+ with mature attitude.
-Friend all platoon leaders.
-Be active on battlefield.
-Be active on battlelog.
-Must speak english.
-Respect the rules!

Current Member’s(PSN):

- Dawolam (Davolam)★

- LS-PrePost (LS-PrePost)
- Feat12345678 (FeatBoy123456789)
- bebreit (BeBreit)

- hobonizakur83 (C0nx51)
- Acx_pink (TaaviT4)
- kaesar38 (kaesar38)
- olliwilson (olliwilson)
- Amelius93 (Amelius93)
Honor those who served!

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