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Human vs Zombies Scandinavia

After great success with Human vs Zombies events in Germany and UK, we are starting one up for Scandinavians (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland)

You must read the wall of text below before joining the event.
DO NOT spam the arrangers with questions like
"what is the name of the server?" and the like.
Everything related to the event can be read below.

Info will come soon, starting in January

You must change your clan tag to [HvsZ] before joining the event. You find your clan tag under the Soldier settings on this page:

1. HUMAN Team can only use the following equipment:
- Default pistols only (MP443 and M9)
- DICE players will use the DICE only handguns which Zombies and Humans can pick up and use but please don't use anything else!

2. ZOMBIE Team can only use:
- knives
- sprint specialization
- the DICE pistols (M1911 S-tac,.44 Magnum & 93R Red dot) if picked up from the ground

3. No equipment and gadgets allowed! That includes spawn beacons, C4, defibs, ammo boxes, mortar, GL weapons, everything on d-pad left/right really.

4. Once you've obtained the DICE dog tag &/or the DICE friends tag as a Zombie, you'll be banned so we can let others join. After an hour the ban list will be cleared so you can freely join again!.

if the platoon has many members or time is running late, you WILL be banned by an admin from the main menu once you've gotten the tags. The ban lists are always cleared after the events.

5. Platoon leaders will be admins on the event making sure the rules are respected.

1. Server will be run with no minimap and no kill cam, to further enlighten the Survival theme.

2. Joining before the event via friend (when the server is Private and password protected) will NOT record any stats for you, including the dog tags!!! Only join via the JOIN function in the server browser. If you are prompted a password, go back and wait.

3. The Human team will consist of DICE players with the DICE dog tags and clan tag and Roxanka24 will be playing with DICE Friend tag.

This consept have been designed by "Better Than Halo" and Vallium, all respect to them.
First Platoon:

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