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We are the RxXx SHIELD TEAM. We are in charge of the safe-guarding of each captured objective. We use compex tactics of deception, disguise, and subterfuge to put even the most open objectives on lockdown. If you think you are successfully capturing/neutralizing an objective, that is simply because we are having a little bit of fun with you. Remeber always that without proper defense, there is no need for offense. Nobody defends like the Shield team, and nobody plays the game like RxXx! Hooah!



-K/D: 1.0 or above

-SPM: 450 or above

-Accuracy: 10% or above

-Be a good team player

-Be respectful to all leaders

-Follow ALL orders

-Stay with your squad mates

-Must already be accepted into the main RxXx platoon



Practices will be held at 7pm Eastern time (12am GMT) every FRIDAY. These are not mandatory, but we ask that each member tries to make one practice a month.


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Metro, Seine, Bazaar Conquest and Rush, 100% tickets. (For General Practice)

MEMBERS: We ask that you play on these maps whenever possible in public servers, in order to become comfortable with the layout of each map


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