US Military Gamers
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The Original US Military Gamers is a gaming community comprised of active duty, reserve, guard
and prior service military from all branches of the military and all around the globe.

Since September of 2009, US Military Gamers was founded on the premise that gamers shouldn't have
to deal with bad attitudes and people that ruin their gaming experience. We are all here for the same
reason - to play games and have a good time doing it with people that feel the same way.
Read more about this in our Charter.

The Mission of US Military Gamers

Our mission is to provide a fun, competitive, and positive environment to military gamers while promoting
respect for all gamers. If you're interested in applying to US Military Gamers, please register using the
registration system located in our community, then head to our forum to fill out an application!
We're glad to have you, and we'll do our best to help make sure we provide a fun and hassle free environment
for you to game in.

Provide Fun Gaming Atmosphere
A Social "Family" Network for Adults
Place to Discuss Anything (Almost)
Place to be YOURSELF

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