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Death 3veryWhere is a PS3 clan which plays competitively in the Battlefield series. Starting out on
Battlefield: Bad Company, the clan dominated. The clan decided to retire for a period of time and venture in
other directions competting in other games. At the end of BC2 the team was revamped by the founder x_IoN_x & II_-J0KER-_II & GasRegulator bring the family back to the battlefield once again. With an all star cast comprised of some
of the best players that have graced this franchise with the addition of new blood who are quickly making a name for themselves, the D3W family is back.

We strive for excellence through dedication, teamwork, and communication but most importantly building chemistry throughout the team.

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

If you are interested in joining, add Whittyusername (x_LoN_x on PSN) on battlelog and PSN.


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