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Darkness breaks, moon awakes
Night now brings the stars it makes
Moon beams fall, lights up all
From silvery woods there comes a call
Grayish blur, shaggy fur
Food is this night creatures lure
Brown deer, very near
Brought down full of fear
Deadly bite, very tight
Every wolf will feast tonight.

--- Wolfpack by Yvette Yvonne
_______________/__l /_l
_____/____---- __\____l
____/__/______\_\ ___I
_l _____ _______)__\ ___)


We stay active, we frustrate opponents, we benefit off each other's skill, we incorporate teamwork, we enjoy winning.


We're a platoon comprised of intelligent players and friends. If a clan could be labeled as socially competitive, I'd say that would describe our style best. Admittingly we do enjoy honing our skills on the less fortunate by means of pubstomping, but we're also open to battling other platoons of similar caliber. So message foxhound767 or any member on psn if your team is interested, and we'll see if we can work something out. Mainly though, we just enjoy hunting together and that good ol' winning satisfaction. Almost all of the pack are older and are involved with jobs, college, family, etc; so rigorous practice schedules and high strung leadership is not something you'll find here. Since we have battlelog we have no need for an official website. As BF3 is the only title the majority of us currently collaborate on.


The Wolfpack - Born from friendship. Gruettner, THC and I graduated from the same high school in '08. Playing online as a means to stay in touch soon commenced with the classic Uncharted 2 multiplayer. Later came Black Ops 1. Then the awakening came with BF3. Gruettner and I were the first to sink our teeth into its glory. We played for a week and knew it was time to form a platoon. Wolfpack was the first and only name considered. We were the first Wolfpack platoon for BF3 on PS3, that's a fact. Also the first on either console or PC to use WOLF as a tag. We're loyal to the pack; and use instinct, strategy, and teamwork when we hunt. By that code we've grown - wolf by wolf - into the pack we are today. ArrWoooo!



Booty sore from running solo? Has playing with random teammates and useless squadmates gotten old? Well if you can prove to us you play like a WOLF, then you just may become one. Recruitment has and will always be invite only here. DO NOT RANDOMLY APPLY HOPING TO BE ACCEPTED!!! We would easily have 100 members by now if I accepted all who've randomly applied, I've stopped deleting the pending requests, 45 and counting. We simply don't accept scrub or average players (we're not here to teach) & we won't accept people we don't know. Most of our members came from random in-game encounters where we mutually impressed each other and things went from there. We're a close-knit group of friends who genuinely enjoy playing with one another. We gotta know you can mesh with us before you can run with us.

First and foremost we play to have fun here, kickin' back and wasting time with friends is something we all enjoy. That being said, we wolves do have competitive natures and part of our having fun is beating the other team. The better the team the more satisfying, the crappier the team the more hilarious. In order to routinely win in BF3 you obviously need strong teammates who know how to contribute effectively. Applicants will want to meet or surpass the following requirements:

† Befriend foxhound767 both on PSN & BL
† Don't be overly arrogant, annoying, or caustic
† Pass our try-out = play with some wolves over the course of a few days within one week and succeed in not annoying any of us
† Positive KDR - 1.75+ preferred
† Colonel 20+
† 50+ hours played if stats have been reset
† 500+ SPM
† Headset/mic
-- This is a biggie - but not a must if you're a complete beast.
† Maturity is a big factor
-- 20 years+, 18 is fine if we deem you chill enough.
† Team player
-- Work with and protect squadmates, kit-swap revives, strategic spawn beacons, etc.
† Active player
-- Play BF3 at least once a week. If you become one of us and are going MIA for weeks/months, let us know here or message fox on PSN. Otherwise you WILL eventually get kicked - probably after a month or less of silence. Nothing personal, but I like the idea of a clan whose team stats are an accurate representation of those members who are actually still playing regularly.
† Combat Awareness
-- Know how to play the game effectively and intelligently. A vast majority of BF3 players DO NOT have adequate combat awareness. If you didn't acquire it after a couple of weeks of playing this game, I'm sorry but you won't ever have it. Perhaps 1st person shooters aren't your thing if you happen to have a competitive nature.


oOLivingShadowoO (Newest WOLF = buys the drinks)

All active pack member's voices/wishes, opinions, and concerns are valued and strongly encouraged to be expressed. To the wolves - this is our platoon, feedback is grand. Please do not hesitate to ask or suggest anything here or by messaging fox on PSN. Many of us obviously enjoy a sense of humor and are laid back individuals, so feel free to post random or funny comments/videos on the wall too. All good things.

Remember - giving respect earns respect here.

- In depth player stats and world rankings
- In depth gun and accessory stats
- The most legit & respected website for competitive gaming on console you're going to find.

- Beefs up your battlelog with symthic data

*Last update to BL platoon page - 1/12/14


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