Bannati a Vista
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Er Plotone piu odiato dalla Dice, dai boosteroni e dai bimbiminkia..
Se non ti lagga godi solo a metà... e se scureggi apri subito la finestra!

Per iscrivervi alla nostra pagina Facebook contattate un Amministratore.

Our roster:

Madmaax - Tanker, Nigga, PRO lagger
Valeangel - Tanker turret, Lav turret, repair b*tch from Friuli, Nigga gps
Marielli - Jet pilot from Sardinia flying school
Carloshit - Another Jet pilot from Sardinia flying school, but he's more kamikaze
Caiguera - Camper, he didn't know what's happen and where's happened, Old Sage of Bannati
Takaya - .........he didn't know what's happen and where's happened, VERY Old Sage of Bannati
Scuro - hater, but he not hate others, he hate US hater buugo fortemente
OncemoreInsalatina - Youtubber.. without audience
StefanoCSL - Camper.. totally inactive, but he almost hate us
Ivo97 - BANNED but he still remains part of us for honorary title
Kirevam8 - Just one rule.. don't make respawn on Kire..
Sapo - Another dirty little BRV, don't care about him
Zano - He play only the night, don't play against Zano, ops.. you're dead.
Jonamme - He's already in bipod mode, you're dead.
Cortigno - ''Cos'è successo?'' any class, any weapon, Old sage of Bannati, but dead.
Santo Dio - Helicopterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrblblblbl pilot, PRO- troller, VERY PRO troller, just for fun.. but when you read this, you're probably dead with a BLBLBLBL screaming.
Progrexive - Our AMIGO MAROGHINU, useless, no more to say.
Jako - Sniper, but useless, ha snipe in Metro, in Aziba, in Scrap Metal...
Runlikehell - A lot of hair and nothing else, but in BC2 he was a BOSS
Reaper - The man that we use to have the power of the lag in CW, a real ''Marocchino con baffi''
Gnoldi - Our COD pro, in CW when he was knifed i laught a lot, and a BRV knife me too.
Rigis - Any class, any weapons.. he will use bad.
Fultzone - CULOCULOCULOCULOCULO.. a piece of CULO.. a lot of.
Kikko - A rocker from Veneto, KoD brothers
O_Centos - Braska - a good RAGE is a dead RAGE.. but they are good and alive RAGE.
Thestral - JEDI brother, part of us.
Zampa - Precious in CW, useless in real life.
Bobbemalley - Jet pilot from Sardinia.. PORCA MAD000000000000000UUUUNA!
DrioCane - Heli pilot, sniper with assault rifle.. and mustaches
Sadomaso - Really good player, Boss of Team Italy e blablabla, he sucks.
Arenarola - GIMMIDEAMMOMADDAFAKKA! GIMMEDEAMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! near him in CW you had to be a clinch PRO or die.
MiniPonyFulmine - Founder of MiniPony fashion, now we're fashion victim.
Vidal - Sniper.. from base to base..........
Canos - Very PRO rusher.. but jump on my dick, you're just dead on my claymore Canoooooooos!
Hitemall - Useless in CW, useless in real life, and his PC is more useless that him.. if is possible..
Dylan - Little and pervert boy,hands off the pin Dylan!
Resinheart - NON VI SENTOOOOOO! HO LA CUFFIA ROTTAAAA!.. C4.. you're dead.. NO! revive!.. C4.. dead.. REVIVEEEEEEEEEEEE! no! C4 :-|

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