Ultimate SuperSoldiers
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*We are the best of the best. There is only 1 goal: Victory.

***Racism is not tolerated. If you joke or are serious about it, you are not in the clan.***

*TEAMWORK. Always have a teammate around for you to help and work as a team

*HAVE FUN. if you cant get along with others and dont cooperate you will be kicked

*Mic Required (except in the case where your REALLY GOOD and listen to teammates well like AV-56)

*Battlefield 3 clan. We have started trying to schedule clan battles and might compete in tournaments. (results will be posted on bottom win or lose).

*Have good sportsmanship Win or Lose

*Must play with Monster_Gamer_X , AV-56 , Vill_Jeger , or Brenhedos (they can recommend you to me) and have a mic to join.

*required rank 45 (unless we see alot of skill and potential)

* if your skilled enough or show enough potential, you will be accepted within our ranks.

*Change Clan Tag to *USS* when you are accepted

*Are YOU good enough to be called a SuperSoldier?

Record: Wins=0 , Losses=1

Clan Battle/ Tournament Results
USS vs. Resistance Uprising 8/5/2012
Conquest 200 tickets Game 1: Operation Metro Game 2: Grand Bazar Game 3: Tehran Highway
USS:__1__ TRU__2__

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