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What are the FOOLs? All ages, all sexes, all gung-ho, all lacking in seriousness. All FOOLs!

To acknowledge your FOOLishness, feel free to put 'FOOL' on your tags. But it is NOT required...we know who we are!


Cpl_Chris - there can be only one and this is the guy.

You gotta problem with us FOOLs??

You now have to deal with our FOOL Bruiser: DeadlyBeauty83.
She and her knife will be DELIGHTED to deal with your 'issues'.

For a FOOL who has gone above and beyond the FOOL calling we now have a new Title:


1. DS/Dave (For Exemplentary Pointers on FOOLishness)
2. Exzaber (For being our Most Banned FOOL)
3. Tim (For becoming our Most Accomplished Knifer!!)
4. Navila06 (For hitting the 'invite all' button while drunk on power after noticing he was a Leader FOOL)
5. Evilmarty67 (For roadkilling HIMSELF twice with an EOD bot.)
6. LGR (For losing patience with a random and Team Killing him when he refused to leave his camping spot next to a flag in order to take it.)
7. Basquez (For driving a tank until it gets smashed up. Shooting down the chopper that did it, then telling our Founder "Bail out she's burning up." We run away, he stops saying "Hold on, I have a repair torch!" He runs back, starts to repair and the tank blows up.
8. Mr Steve (For getting the helo on Kharg, calling the Founder in to gun for him. He then takes off, spends 10 MINUTES sneaking around the back of the mountain to take the enemy by surprise, and IMMEDIATELY gets shot down when emerging from ambush, killing both.)
9. Cpl_Chris (For bringing everyone into a 1,000 ticket server and then saying "I gotta go"!!!)
10. FOOL_SneakyT (For rushing to his fellow FOOL's defense in a jeep, leaping out firing, and road killing himself.)
11. Lozerpez/Yatcko (For attempting to complete the C4 portion of an Assignment and killing himself and NO ONE ELSE 6 times. It's not that damn hard, buddy!!)
12. HeloOne (having the name HeloOne, jump in the pilot seat of the "HELO' and say "I can't fly this thing...")
13. Scrapetyrock for (and I quote) : I ran myself over with a heli, i jumped out for a rambo rpg shot but the heli went up instead of down( fuck logic) and killed me.
14. Matdvd2012 (For capturing the Enemy's flag, thinking it was His Team's flag, then running in circles shouting in confusion until killed by the enemy.)

I am humbled and proud of you all!

More will be added as their FOOLish side comes out.

To report this platoon:

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