Battlefield Theater
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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Battlefield Theater platoon is to inspire BF3 community by allowing players to take part in battlefield improvisation video productions as a stunt troop, through recording, editing and other logistical support, to provide outstanding content for everyone to watch on YouTube..


Applicant who want to be part of Battlefield Theater Productions and are willing to contribute by helping in any of the following areas are encouraged to apply.

1. Be part of a stunt troop. (24+ individuals who are willing to do some improvisation to help create great game-play.)
2. Provide additional game capture and video editing capabilities.
3. Offer server support for future productions.
4. Dream big, be creative, share ideas and vision with the Battlefield Theater Platoon.


All are welcome. Share your passion for Battlefield with other motivated individuals. Watch all your hard work on YouTube. Join Today!

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