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This is a platoon that welcomes everyone. This is a platoon for people that want to play tactically, do some trolling, or just plain have fun. We welcome anyone from any country or nationality. Just need to know basic English. If you badmouth or discriminate against any of our members, you will be kicked without notice. Try to keep raging and cursing to a minimum.

Requirements to Join:
1.) Have a functional mic.
2.) Age 14+
3.) SPM 1000 (Trolololol!!!!!!)
4.) NO SPM requirement.
5.) Semi-Active: Play at least 2 Days a week.


~ Epsilon104
~ ShaneMane
~ kaynewhite
~ WWeaver100
~ MKultra97
~ Zilixe
~ Twloha0627
~ lWargasm247
~ akagunner2424
~ sean67053
~ GrimRange

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