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This is a Recon Platoon

There is a decision you must make. The world is vast and unstructured. In it, things move seemingly at random. There comes a narrowing, a focusing, as the aperture reduces and reduces. The act, combined with training, skill, vision, and yes, philosophy, leads to gradual , noiseless, ratcheting down and down , like ripples in a pond going backward and toward the pebble , closer and closer, smaller and smaller, the chaos dissipating into a tiny center of detailed clarity. And then the Trigger..

We do not just sit and pop beer tops, but if you sit still long enough we’ll pop your top.

If you would like to excel in Recon , this is the place for you.. There are tags but not required,
This is mainly a GOML and allies of GOML only ..


Basquez81 with a distance of 1,565.48 meter

Hoss with a distance of   1,512.01 meters

Tim with a distance of 1286.67 meters

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