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------------------------------------------------------------------{ Who are we? }--------------------------------------------------------------------

We are the armour unofficial sub-platoon of SSKM/SASK MILITIA! Tanks, IFV's, Anti-Air, Jeeps, these are just a few of our favorite things. Our priority is to get the ground armor up and to keep it up no matter the cost. The ground vehicles can take an elite team of infantry and turn them into meat if the vehicles are treated properly.

---------------------------------------------------------------{ How to Join }-----------------------------------------------------------------

[1] Must have at least 1 Armor Warfare Ribbon and a recommendation from a current Wolf Pack member.


[2] Must have at least 500 total kills with ground vehicles.

[3] Must be wearing SSKM tags prior to applying.

[4] Must show a willingness to learn and help others in the platoon after joining.

----------------------------------------------------{ The Type Of Soldier We Are Looking For}---------------------------------------------

We aren't just a rag-tag group of vehicle hungry killing machines. We are also looking for those who have some experience with the ground vehicles and want to learn more, kill more, and most importantly help more.

Are the type of player who rides in the third seat of a tank and refuses to hop out for a repair? Then The Wolf Pack isn't for you.

Are you the type of player who will gun down the infantry, hop out of the tank to repair, then hop in the third seat to paint choppers? Then, welcome to your new platoon.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact a leader.

"It is better to die as a wolf than living like a dog."
- Herbert Wehner

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