Rage Quitters
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Do you manage to find and trip all claymores on the map? Do you blow yourself up with C4 instead of destroying the tank. have you ever jumped from 2 feet and died. does your medic revive you for lol's when you die again. how far do you have to follow a support guy for ammo? the same applies to assault for a damn medi pack. why do snipers deploy spawn becons at the back of the maps? how do you manage to get shot while there are 4 other people stood in front of you? IF YOU !
1, Throw your controller once a week
2, Randomly shout Da fuck !
3, mumble as not to scream out
4, Refuse to spawn back in until the games nearly over
5, Blame it on a bad connection.
6, Sign out and back in coz your friends won't notice lol we do!
7, Rage over the mic. ie i put a full mag in him
8, Punch the wall while in game
9, Refuse to spot enemy so your friends will struggle too.
10, rage and quit back to the main menu.
We make the Enemy Rage Quit !
KILL KILL KILL stab them frag them fuckin T-bag them. send em home bullied and wishing they never bothered coming online tonight. PTFO GTFO BYE BYE Rage Quitter

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