[XBOX] 1v1 Tank Ladder
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1v1 Tank Ladder


1. Maps- Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border, Kharg Island (Seine,Tehran, and Damavand are fine but just remember it takes awhile for the tanks to spawn on those maps) In a case where players can't agree on map, defender gets to decide.
2. Match is first to 5 kills
3. You can repair your own tank, but cannot fire rpg's at the other tank. Round is over when you destroy the other tank or you kill the other player while he is repairing
4. After every kill, both players will start back at base with fresh tanks, loser of the round will say ready and go. Switch sides after every 2 kills to make sure both players use both tanks.
5. Try to limit communication during the round. But talking is welcomed after each round. The point of this is to have fun and get better. Point out each other's mistakes, offer tips
6. Can only challenge players right above you. If player doesn't accept challenge and play within a week's time, his spot is forfeited to the challenger. Three consecutive forfeits by a player without reason means kick.
7. Can only challenge the same guy once a week.
8. Players can choose whatever perks they want
9. Post challenges and results on the wall(Also send a msg on xbox live to the guy your challenging)
10. The challenger (lower ranked player) chooses which side he starts on, so if it goes to a 5th round, they get the tank they want
11. In the case of a trade/mutual. It is whoever dies first or whoever's tank was destroyed first. If it is at the same time then just score 1 to each player.
12. Out of bounds zone for one tank is out of bounds for both
13. Continuous rule breaking and unsportsmanlike conduct will result in warning then kick. Hopefully it doesn't come down to that.
14 Wolf Rule- a player cannot take on more than one challenge at the same time. no other challenge will count until the first challenge is decided

Link to Daskro's Team Warfare 1v1 Ladder videos for people who want to see what this looks like

Rankings, Record
* number of forfeits
All time Hardcore 1v1 Champ: Rockstarking 40000 (inactive)


1. xxM4NDR4K3xx 33000
2. AceGhostWarrior
3. IISEFII 30000 (inactive)
4. Eradicater91 27347
5. MWATTheRoof 19300
6. stupidklownnn 18708 (inactive)
7. SYN-Death_Reaper 18473 (inactive)
8. boyraman 16900 (inactive)
9. CharacterSphinx 16000 (Inactive)
10. LXeee 14400
11. RUNE_SoulReaver
12. Ladinig_Manuel 13800
13. VeiwyFive85627 13100
14. SawScaledVipers 11336
15. Babymunch x
16. LC_XTerrorX 10057
17. PATIENT19348 8700
18. IamBarc0De 8200
19. SethV6 5700
20. sbrown74 3950
21. puck17 2248
22. Dynamic_Ben9433 1992
23. mauri100bf3 1785
24. Pip3mAn12 1454 (2-0-1)
25. Goredon90 1486 (0-0-1)
26. nacho445 660
27. swcommander
28. InFamouS_Yasuk3 33900
29. ROA1985
30. cristianmarc007
31. Xita Xungo
I will post updates on the current challenges once or twice a day.

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