Pwnisher's Air Force
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Friendslist is full. If you have questions or want to get to know me, apply to my "extended" friendslist here.

If you just want to simply play a few rounds with me, add me here.

PC Specs?

Processor- Intel I-7 3930K OC@ 4.4 1.35v
Mobo- Asus P9X79 Deluxe
PSU - Corsair 1200W
GPU - (3) Nividia 2.5G 570 GTXs
Ram- 16G Corsair @ 1600
HDD - Intel SSD 510 120G

Keyboard- Logitech g15
Mouse - Logitech G5
Joystick - Logitech 3d Pro

Check out my videos and tutorials @

More on the way/


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