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On a frigid day, January 1st, 1970, Sloth #117, "Space Sloth", became the first sloth to ever set foot on the lunar surface. Space Sloth, being highly trained, took complex voice instructions from NASA dispatch on Earth, single-handedly operating the spacecraft from takeoff, to landing, and tragic return. After spending a week on the lunar surface, he was advised to return to Earth to report his findings (multiple sensors were attached to the specialized suit), and Space Sloth moved towards Earth. Upon reentering the atmosphere, problems occurred which resulted in the loss of stabilizer fins on the craft. The spacecraft lost control and plummeted towards Earth at speeds approaching 700 MPH. Space Sloth was unfortunately killed upon impact, with the tragedy being regarded as the second worst of all-time, following the Challenger incident. Space Sloth is remembered through his pre-flight photos, and great sense of humor. Space Sloth is a true American hero, and we look to honor him on this 43rd anniversary and the days that follow.

Please change your gravatar to space sloth in his honor.

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