WorldofeSports 10v10
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The WorldofeSports Proudly Presents...

A $300 Winner Take All...

[Name - Gamertag]
SunnyzxP - AV SunnyxP
dwright3103 - DwrightTID

There will be a set time for every match, but rescheduling is allowed if BOTH teams agree upon time. But all matches HAVE to be played by a certain date (which will normally be on Sundays at 10 PM EST).

The Rules/Settings (subject to change):

Battlelog Match System WILL BE ENFORCED. Delay Time for matches so that ALL PLAYERS have the equal opportunity to start the round.

100% Tickets. Core Mode.
Regen On
Spotting On
Minimap On
Kill Cam Off

Banned Equipment/Weapons/Attachments:
Spawn Beacons and Motion Sensors.
Semi-Auto Snipers
Frag Rounds
320s (Smoke and Buck Allowed)

Each team will play both RU and US on each map. 4 rounds on 2 maps.
Winner is determined by ticket count for each map (not every round).
1 point will be rewarded to the team that wins a map (point given every 2 rounds)
First team to 2 points wins.
In case of a tie for one map, another round must be played for that map. Contact a mod or an admin to randomize the decision between RU and US.

Map Pool:

Round 1.
Strike at Karkand
Seine Crossing

Round 2.
Azadi Palace
Caspian Border

Round 3.
Kharg Island
Damavand Peak

Round 4 [Final]
Grand Bazaar
Tehran Highway

Absolutely No Ringers!
Be on One Team.
Roster Minimum is 10.
Able to play with 9 for matches.

Lag Test for Servers. Ping Check as Well. Whichever server generally provides the most equal ping on average to all 20 players will be used.

You will be required to give proof for a win, usually a picture of the final scoreboard for each round and the link to the match on Battlelog. If you wish to file a cheating complaint, you must have unadulterated VIDEO proof. We recommend having at least one player from each team recording the match with a PVR.

1. iCoNiC
2. Phalanx
3. Eclipse/Zenith
4. the Business
5. Aequitas Veritas
6. The Tuna Tasters
7. Project Mayhem eSports
8. Leaderboard Syndicate
9. DyNasty
10. Team T1ER
11. Purgatory Gaming
12. Virtual Faction
13. LMFO
14. TG Gators
15. Yours Truly

A server will be provided if neither team has a server.

Tournament Bracket Link.[id]=17

Rosters/Teams Link.

Tournament Registration is locked. Rosters are locked.
Good luck everyone and have fun!

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