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Тэг: [rQ] Фанаты: 29 Создано: 14.10.2013

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Conquest - Domination - Defuse Team<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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Battlefield 3 (January 2014 -)
»rQ v AsS (T5) 4-0
»rQ v HACK (T2) 2-0
»rQ v 13 (T2) 2-0
»rQ v PUT (T5) 2-0
»rQ v TroJan MoW (T5) 2-1
»rQ v FeS (T5) 2-2
»rQ v

Coming soon!

*Team profile on webistes will be updated soon!
*We only scrim teams within Europe unless tournament related!

No longer active due to a lack of players and opponents. Some members might still play PUGs in BF3, just ask.

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