BF3 5v5 CQ Tournament
Тэг: [5v5] Фанаты: 1 Создано: 27.02.2014

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This platoon was created to keep track of the teams competing in BF3 5v5 Conquest Tournament hosted by .$250, $450, or $650 prize pool depending on how many teams pay to play. The tournament will be double elimination.

Confirmed Teams:

Phalanx - Phalanx Black $10 vote
Tempest: Melokarma $10 vote
Raid- l ZeRmi l $10 vote
Darkside- RJayJR $10 vote
Team Rain- rN Dragz
limitless- l R0ckET l $10 vote

Apply if your team is interested in joining the tournament!

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