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Website: www.twitch.tv/beatboxrs • Erstellt: 06.04.2014

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Become a member of #theVolume squad and dominate the Battlefield!

Twitter: @VolumeStreams

Feel free to join and invite your friends.

Have fun <3


Hey guys looking for an active plantoon iam 25 i dont play with little kids please message me game tag is jysn8990 thanks and i do have a mic to
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PC master RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years her
willen jullie clanmacht
vor 6 Jahren • 2 Likes
Yo im from YOLO.... You guys still up for that match ?
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that you posted on our page one week ago ps4 or 3 ?
7 years her
Hey, i want to join your Platoon because i want to play with the Members of THE VOLUME .
Twitch:xReziixx PSN: xReziixx Sorry for my bad KD but i sucked the first time on the Battlefield now i'm better. Maybe i'll reset the next time.. Rez
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ignore it... xD
7 years her
Hello, can i join in your platoon , im jlfbendassolli from twitch and i follow kevin
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Hey its
Twitch: im_in_the_chat
or PSN: RedDragonWill
can i join your platoon please also keep up the good work Kevin, loving the streams so far ;P
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Hi guys!
Are you interested in CW?
Contact me.
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hello //modo31
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