Firewing aka SoS_Ma_BaNaNe aka l'hyperactif du Battlelog <3.

Proud ex-member of LFA from 13/12/11 to 22/04/13.
Head of recruitment and of the general organization of the team.
War arranger, leader IG, and strater for it's T12 roster.
Former player for the T5 roster.

Member of Sceptos Gaming since 30 April 2013.

Former player for SoS.JoueurDuDimanche (aka RedStorm) from April 2013 to July 2013.
Manager, leader and player for SoS.SunStorm since May 2013.
In charge of recruitment for Sceptos Gaming.

Youtuber since summer 2013, I offer eSportive gameplays on Battlefield.

Skype : SoS_Firewing

Twitter :

Chaîne youtube :

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