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DirectX Device Removed / hung = SOLVED! ;)

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2014-07-01 17:06

I have a Gigabyte GTX 780 TI GHZ edition (GV-N78TGHZ-3GD) graphics card.
I USED to be a victim of DirectX crashes.. but not anymore!

Yes I tried all the tricks, underclocked the GPU, more voltage, a lot of things made the situation better but it didn't fully solve the problem.

I have finally found a solution/workaround that works for me. And yes I'm happy as a kid on Christmas Eve!!!

Its very simple!
Just disable the feature in Windows called Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR).
In my case it was about going into the Window Registry,
locating the key path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers
Adding the Key "TdrLevel" with the data 0 of type REG_DWORD
Restart your computer and get out on that Battlefield with a smile on your face!!!

(and you do it on your own risk, messing with the Window registry comes with a risk, always)

What does TDR do?

TDR is once in a while checking that your graphics card is responding, if the graphics card does not respond within 2 seconds Windows believes that the device is hung and forces it to "re-initialize itself". This is to prevent the whole computer from freezing as it used to do back in the old days.

Out on the Battlefield, in the very most intense situation, you are just about to run and gun, TADAAAAA plingiling, you hear that wonderful sound, a device has been removed from your computer.. The game crashes.. anger.. frustration....
You start thinking, is something wrong with my super duper mega expensive card??
The answer is probably NO, just disable the TDR feature which makes false assumptions ^^

This link gives you all the information you need. []

I HOPE THIS HELPS OTHER PLAYERS! (and I wish someone had told me about this before)
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2014-07-01 17:58
Dont think anyone knows about this. Good find, it will help a lot of people. ..probably.
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2014-07-01 17:59
Great find
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2014-07-01 18:04
MODS if this is confirmed please can it be stickied? Report this post so they can see it. Im on battlelog app and can report...
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2014-07-01 20:37
I'm going to try this.
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2014-07-01 20:41
Did not know that it could be disabled.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can still get the freezing, but have to restart your computer instead of the game just "crashing".
SG Enlisted: 2013-08-17
2014-07-02 00:27
Thanks for sharing!!
SE Enlisted: 2011-10-30
2014-07-02 19:52
Have you guys tried it, did it help?
IR Enlisted: 2013-11-11
2014-07-02 19:57
wtf nobody know about this ?
OP this is very old solution to this issue!
i have tried this 2 years ago when ihad Radeon 6970!!!
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2014-07-02 20:02
Never had those problems with an amd card.

Just saying
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2014-07-02 20:02
s7092910 said:
Did not know that it could be disabled.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can still get the freezing, but have to restart your computer instead of the game just "crashing".

Yup, got this earlier today.

Entire PC just froze.
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2014-07-02 20:03
I kinda had that hang problem but i deleted all old drivers & it kinda didnt happen anymore but hey well done on getting your game going
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2014-07-02 20:31
So the GC doesn't respond "Device_Hung" It's been your GC all along. What's the warranty on that POS?
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2014-07-02 21:10
toxic_mix1 said:
Never had those problems with an amd card.

Just saying

Nor have I with my GTX780. Or the 680 or the 580 I used to have, either. They've got some weird software running or something or old drivers not removed.
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2014-07-03 02:56
Nice find guy
CX Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2014-07-03 03:14
This has been around. Works for some, didn't work for me.
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GB Enlisted: 2011-11-04
2014-07-05 09:41
I have tried this fix but it didn't work for me. Though, there are reports of it working for a lot of people, it is still just a workaround. It doesn't resolve the problem but it does help recover from the symptoms more elegantly.
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2014-07-05 09:48
Posting so i can read it later
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2014-07-05 11:07 , edited 2014-07-05 11:18 by Storozhevoy

game just freezes and i needed to poweroff my PC after that. wont be doing that again

7870 in crossfire, driver 14.4
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2014-07-05 16:28
Yea instead of getting a directx error and you can close, the PC just freezes in total and I have to manually reset.
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