Squad Up With the Classes of Battlefield 1

3 years ago

When we started working on Battlefield™ 1, we started looking at how we could evolve and improve a number of Battlefield staples, including the roles you can fill. Classes have been a part of Battlefield since the beginning – whether you were deploying as a Medic in Battlefield 1942 or an Engineer in Battlefield 2142, you’ve felt the impact of how Classes change the game. This time around, we saw opportunities to make some changes, both in the roles of the different Classes and the general effectiveness of every Class in combat.

Want to learn more? Check out the Classes page on Battlefield.com. It includes a Q&A with myself (Julian Schimek, Weapons Designer on Battlefield 1) and YouTuber/Battlefield GameChanger Westie, as well as an overview of what makes each of the Classes in Battlefield 1 different and unique. Curious as to what you’ll want to deploy as first? Take a peek at the page, and stay tuned over the next few months as we reveal even more.

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