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Created: 2014-05-15

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Our platoon is new but that doesn't mean we're not experienced all of our clan leaders are season veterans of Battlefield and have played together for years. Our platoon is founded upon the ideals of working together no matter what the circumstances may be, and always running together in a squad. I am building this platoon up so we can start having fun! We will be doing clan wars, missions, and other stuff. Anybody can join just apply on battle log. We are hoping to recruit active team players who play the objective no matter what the game mode and win all while having fun doing it!. We're looking for quality gamers who are interested in competitive play.

Mic Headset
• Friendship
• Loyalty
• Skill
• Communication
• Teamwork
• Perception
Mission- To provide quick and ruthless operations in order to harass, provoke and kill the enemy.

Elements include
- Forward Tactical Assault Unit
- Helicopter Air Support
& Tactical Insertion/Extraction Team
- Sniper Over-watch


I applied to Alliance hellspit!!! it took a little bit but im applied you just need to accept! Thank you
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hey guys I miss ur team never was part of it but I remember ur emblem killings me a lot.. anyway im founder of NAFF and I CHALLEGE U GUYS
4 years ago • 0 Like