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[H1N1] The Plague

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Создан: 28.02.2014

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If you're interested in joining, then apply! All we ask of you is: Over 400 SPM, and you MUST be an active player of BF4.


sorry for the late reply! Battlelog failed to inform me that you commented. You both will be accepted.
7 г. назад • 0 Нравится
my spm is 376 and I really want to join can I?
email me may email is prodigy1631@gmail.com
7 years назад
i want to join
7 г. назад • 1 Нравится
my spm is 345 can i join?
7 г. назад • 0 Нравится
I just applied and met the criteria for the application, and hoping to join your platoon. I am on ps4 and an active gamer.
7 г. назад • 0 Нравится