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My Main - http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/AkiJJNolispE/stats/1277607944/pc/
Final achievement https://image.prntscr.com/image/boDdZkkYQKaCB17hX5J3Eg.jpeg
On Xbox One and Xbox 360 i dont and i didnt play, its just noob friend's accounts, which were previously tied to my pc account. Don't try to use their low statistics in bf hardline and bf4 as an excuse for accusing me of cheating) You will be shame on you.
Clean on https://www.247fairplay.com/CheatDetector/EBASHU8KASHU
Please dont write about Metabans and how many times i had bans there, because Metabans are not anticheat system and its just player's database and admin tools to ban any player they do not like.
My gameplay record on youtube + 3rd person video with restart PC TaskManager and Fullscreen Mode
https://youtu.be/gPCLEpo1IUI https://youtu.be/EExac7T-J9Q https://youtu.be/sy6YhJ48Y3Y https://youtu.be/bwM5ZzsV-Ng
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