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This is so long, that I have actually linked a google document instead of using the presentation. (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sW2kw8qM41VPSsDLAY-ShysG5AsDlrajjs-kHwAeBFQ/edit?usp=sharing)

One thing first: They're are a group of people who have spread lies, gossip and slander about me. And they continue expanding they're groups with each passing day, actually convincing people who I once considered friends to turn on me. It is absolutely appalling, just because of my knifing habits. So do NOT! DO NOT! Believe anything said about me from someone else. They cannot be trusted, I cannot stress this enough. There are many of these power-abusing mongrels who are destroying my reputation with their slanderous comments and rumours and their numbers increase everday. People who have never even seen me in a game, let alone ever, have started to hate me, simply because of these pieces of human filth.
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