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Created: 2014-02-27

5,412,109 / 3,306,000

2100h 30m
Los Almighty
https://media.giphy.com/media/3o6gb8htuhrY8Jdsje/giphy.gif [media.giphy.com]

╰☆╮ Standing in the Hall of Fame╰☆╮

Undefeated Champions of FraggedNation Season 1 on Battlefield 4!
Squad Obliteration ESL Cup #1 Undefeated Champions!

Home of Animosity, and Enmity

Set up a match? We will come to you (we hold the right to decline and accept any games in preparation for BF1). *Please take this personally.

"That's just the Economy of Respect".


We want Players that have gotten over themselves.

Contact AlmightyDaq on PSN

Teams Almighty has beaten throughout it's career:

aoX Gaming (aoX), The Crazy Ones (tCo), Venom (V), devastatioN(dN), vRx gaming (vRx), Tactical Anarchy and Order (TAo) & Tactical Kaos and Order (TKo), Evolution (EVO), TG, Call Your Shots (CyS), Honor BR (HBR), HaVoC (HaVc), Vindicate (vDc), OpS gaming (OpS), RedSun (Sun), Show No Mercy (SnM), bope gaming (bP), VooDoo Gaming (VoD), USSR (USSR), Iconic Gaming (iG), Best Kept Secret (bKs), Natural Born Killers (NbK), LoY gaming (LoY), TFA gaming (TFA), The Kings Court (TKC) Aeon (aN).


This is to inform everyone about the platoon status. The Original BF4 team ended between the end of season 1 and the start of season 2. Atmosphere has changed in the team due to some problematic leaders (No name shaming here), forced many OGs to leave and the Season 2 team failed to achieve what it should have. In regards to what will happen in the future, aM as a team will not play in BF4 anymore. The Hardline team is being built with special people!
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