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Веб-сайт: www.facebook.com/groups/596898340321681/ • Создан: 03.03.2014

21 921 524 / 3 306 000

21 921 524
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Like the Phoenix the Badboyz rise up out of the ashes. Swooping down like a bird of prey to take your tags.
No Yelling Cuzz!!!! It is not just a battle cry it is our way of life.

Platoon Guidelines :

1. Please always wear your (NYC) tags when playing with other (NYC) members to insure Platoon rank up and also to increase Platoon score. ( Particularly if you are a member of another Platoon.)

2. Respect all Platoon members to ensure everyone has an enjoyable game while playing together.

3. While competition is a part of the game that we promote, don't forget to have fun at the same time. Its only a Game !....... (NYC)


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How do I apply?
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hmmm wassup anyone still talk here?
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Battlefield 1 Hype, If you have a PS4 come and join our community, goto friends - Communities - Discover Communitys - Search - Battlefield 1 - we should be at the top of the list - The Icon is a sexy girl toon holding a pistol. about 1000 members plus atm. "INFIDEL" is owner. join the hype for this weekends live stream cheers!
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U guys wanna put together a 32 v 32 best of five cq large golmud, dam, rouge, dawn, seig ? If so let me know we're down
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hello, i recently played against your platoon hopping around knifing you guys. brought a big smile to my face and reminded me how great the game is while playing with other fun players, love to join if i can :)
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Cool catching a round with you guys last night.
Look forward to some more.
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Hey all, I got new member who coming to join NYC and member name is Gam3rChicka (really good player) Please accept new member!!!
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lol got banned from your server for no reason. such a garbage clan.
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That was my bad, I banned the wrong person. I immediately took you off the banned players list. I clear out the oor region players when I'm playing . It's a pain in the ass to have to quit my game, go look at 63 player profiles , and ban the oor players. They don't give an option to kick players, only ban them. I try to be as fast as possible about it, because I want to get back to actually playing the game. Sometimes I accidentally ban the wrong person. Thank-you for playing on our server, and visiting our platoon page. Have a good day, and NO YELLIN' CUZ.
5 years назад
Lets Play :)
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はじめまして!Hello all! My call sign is SNAKEYES I have recently applied to join NYC. I've been playing BF Multiplayer since BF2 came out for PS2. I believe teamwork is a must! ...I was referred by Moody Kate, Thanks!!
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