Warfighter Beta After Action Report

8 years ago

The Xbox 360 Medal of Honor Warfighter Multiplayer Beta wrapped up early Monday morning. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Here’s a glimpse of the action that took place:


  • 2.5 billion shots fired
  • 79,788 platoons created
  • 1.8 million tomahawk kills
  • Over 30,000 UAV kills

Updates/Bug Fixes

  • Fallback Spawn – multiple improvements were made to lower the odds of spawning in front of an enemy.
  • Weapon Tuning – some weapon tuning and class ability tuning has been implemented, mostly around the Spec Ops and Demolitions classes.
  • Control Sensitivity – adjusting sensitivity is now more precise.
  • Blackhawk Spawn – enemies near the Blackhawk now show up on the minimap to alleviate spawn camping.
  • Jammer Clipping – clearance is now required before this ability can be activated in order to prevent pushing through collision.
  • Kill-Feed Delay – this has been sped up in order for the text to appear more closely to real-time.
  • Menu Navigation – Streamlined, including quick weapon changes and easier navigation.
  • My Gun – now saves from the menus and can be taken into the game properly.
  • Stability – many crashes encountered during the MP Beta have been addressed and improvements have been made to minimize the number of mid-round disconnects.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and we can’t wait to deliver the full Warfighter experience come October 23. See you online!

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