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Team IPX have been around in different forms since the days of Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior (~1997). IPX are looking for some new players to fill our ranks for the release of battlefield 3 and into the future.


IPX started off in Doom / Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, then moved to ET and Padman.

ET:QW where we were one of the very few teams to play all 6 seasons. Followed by GA BF:BC2 8v8 Rush Ladder which we took 3rd. We also played
4 v 4 Squad Rush and placed 9th in season 1 and 8th in season 2.

What we are looking for-

1.) Players of any skill level
2.) You MUST have a working microphone
3.) Be available 2-3 nights a week for practice scrims/matches
4.) Be able to work in a team
5.) Be active on our website
6.) Vehicle whores

What IPX can give you-

1.) A place to go to game and have some laughs
2.) IPX play over 13 games ( BF:BC2/Vietnam, LOL, ETQW, ET,
Dirt 2/3, L4D/L4D2 )
3.) Help us to help you Screw Norway
4.) Mumble ( A VOIP program like Vent but free for windows and linx users.)

Links- <---------- website <-------mumble info <----application to join

Add mattatuide on steam and open a chat to get more info.
Or you can join our Mumble voice server and have a chat with me. :)


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