Disciples Of Death
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We are the Disciples Of Death{DOD}
We are a Dedicated group of Deadly Assassins. Where Communication and Teamwork rise above K/D. We don't use glitches, hacks or cheats and will not allow it. We hit you hard and we hit you fast. We don't play to WIN, We play to DOMINATE! We are a Brotherhood and we always got each others backs. Go to War with an army; Go to War with the DOD! If your interested in joining our Platoon please apply

********************Our Members*********************
Founder: Blaze
Leaders: Kushedoutkilla, Brozzen, Strykur, Chaoticischerfreak, HotStealer, TL410, x6xNightmare, CRYHAVOC666, HERO10 and Tinomen

************The Disciples of Death Creed***********

As a Disciple of Death I recognize that I am not an Army of One. I'm an important part of a Team much bigger than myself. I will fulfill my role and play it to the best of my ability. I will not lie down and die. I will fight till there is no more enemies left to fight. I will show the world Who I am by What I do and How I play. I will not Complain when things don't go my way, I will instead Fight back that much harder. I will shoot Straighter, Faster and more True than my enemies and I will Show No Mercy. I will always have my Brother's back and I will never leave him. This isn't My Platoon, This is my Family and I will always Protect, Honor and Respect my Family. I am Loyal to my Family because I am Honorable. I will Protect them because it is my Duty. I am a Disciple Of Death

******************Clan Battle Record******************
{DOD} vs. {TAK} 3-1 Winner: DOD
{DOD} vs. {BOM}3-0 Winner: DOD
{DOD} vs. {CHK} 1-1 Winner: DOD(CHK quit)
{DOD} vs. {eF} 0-3 Winner: eF
{DOD} vs. {COB} 3-0 Winner: DOD


  • kasgura hat an die Pinnwand von Disciples Of Death geschrieben:
    btw if any1 still uses battlelog im back on for pc players would gladly welcome the old crew back i miss u guys
  • PolletSelva hat an die Pinnwand von Disciples Of Death geschrieben:
    someone plays even Batlefield 3 for ps3?
  • Blazekc10 hat an die Pinnwand von Disciples Of Death geschrieben:
    Welcome to the DOD Sgt_Gunner(aka my son Auston) I'm very happy to have you in the clan with us!
  • Sgt_Gunner_nrhe ist dem Platoon Disciples Of Death beigetreten.
  • TinOmen2010 hat an die Pinnwand von Disciples Of Death geschrieben:
    We need a formal meeting of all the platoon leaders regarding DOD and the ps3/ps4 crossover issue. So all leaders, please add me if you have not on my PSN otherwise, let's try to plan a meeting before the 5th release date, preferred today if possible, to discuss how to proceed on key areas. We will meet up in a group video chat on the PSN. Please respond. Or msg me on Facebook at Joseph Graniczny.
  • TinOmen2010 hat an die Pinnwand von Disciples Of Death geschrieben:
    We (most of the leaders) have been chatting on FB and we are trying to figure out if two clans will have to be made due to differing consoles. Another question is for those going PS4. Since we can now change out profile names, how do you all feel about a mutual theme for all DOD players renaming themselves? That might be pretty cool and a for sure sign of solidarity and loyalty to the clan.
  • TinOmen2010 hat an die Pinnwand von Disciples Of Death geschrieben:
    Who is going PS4 and who is staying PS3? I am going PS4 and get mine here in 4 more days.
    2 weitere anzeigen ...
    X6xNightmare wella tleast the word is out that DOD is sitll alive and kicking me and kas are still the platoon snipers but we both wont be getting the ps4 for awhile so i odnt know who your snipers are goign to be for the ps4.
    vor 6 Jahren
    TinOmen2010 As head of recruiting I am already grooming some players to fit roles in DOD on the PS4 side. Of course once people switch over, they will have their proper roles and no mater what console is being played, all of us are brother
    vor 6 Jahren
  • CrazyAng3l ist dem Platoon Disciples Of Death beigetreten.
  • X6xNightmare hat an die Pinnwand von Disciples Of Death geschrieben:
    With he ps4 coming out shortly we should all let each other know what system each of us will be playing Bf4 on that way we can easily start up the clan and each system once again and dominate the battlefeild. I will still be on the ps3 for those who will not be getting the ps4
    1 weitere anzeigen ...
    Hero1O the PS4 should easily play all your PS3 games
    vor 6 Jahren
    TinOmen2010 I found out that it will be backwards compatible to the PS1. So it covers all PS consoles.
    vor 6 Jahren