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Welcome to civiL gaming

I couldn't see where you were comin' from but I know just what you're running from,
and what matters ain't who's baddest but the ones who stop you from falling down the ladder.
When you feel like you're feeling now and doing things just to please your crowd?
This ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man,

This is a place for Team play!

We are recruiting Dutch or English speaking gamers! PC ONLY!!

What we offer!

- Well-organized website.
- TeamSpeak server.
- Forum.
- A Civilized and a cosy group of people,With Battlefield experience.
At this moment, we play BF3 and BF4 and Arma2 DayZ. This can be more in he future..

Some rules:

- You must be 18 years or older
- You need to have a working headset (with microphone)
- While gaming it is nice to be on teamspeak (TS)
- The username here, must be the same as the ingame name and the name you use on TS
- Winning Mentality / fighting spirit
- Accept the rules of this clan
- When your join request is approved, you get a trial for 4 weeks.

Feel free to contact us at TS or go to our website:

Playing in a team is even more fun! Joining is easy!


This is the official Battlelog Platoon for civiL gaming, make sure you check out our main site for the latest news!

Please join us on TeamSpeak:

Our goal is not to become the largest clan, but the nicest and friendliest clan, where gamefun comes first!!

civiL gaming is a place to meet soldiers to game together and have fun.

Please engage the enemy before you revive!

Our civiL gaming Leaderboard

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Are you a admin with own servers and Procon and want to get rid of hackers and cheaters? Please follow us on


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